Riverview Software Solutions, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the annual support and maintenance include?

A: Annual support and maintenance provides unlimited priority telephone support which offers the software user faster response times as compared to email support. It also keeps your software up to date during the maintenance and support term.  As new updates are released, you will be able to download the latest version at no cost during the support and maintenance period.  And protection against price increases for the duration of the maintenance and support term.

Q: How many computers can The Disaster Resource Navigator be installed on?

A: The software is configured for two active licenses which provides two simultaneous users to operate the software on different computers.  This can make the operation more efficient allowing one user to be entering new information while the other user is "On The Air" displaying the information to be broadcast (She/he can also enter new information).  Additional licenses can be purchased after the standard package is purchased if your operational staff is larger and you need more licenses.

 A network version license is also available where you can purchase a quantity of active seats allowing simultaneous user operation of the software.

Q: Describe the "Minimal Data Entry" feature.

A: Due to the emergency situation, the software user should not have to spend a lot of time entering information.  There are only three data fields that require typing. They are the resource name, a general location and a description of the services provided.   The city, county and state fields are simple dropdown selection lists.  There are no time wasting "Add" or "Save" buttons to click.  The data is saved automatically.  There are other data entry forms available for detailed data entry such as address, additional phone numbers, notes, etc., if desired.