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A Software Tool For Analyzing Non-Ionizing Radiation at Wireless Sites

WirelessSite-NIR is an engineering software tool for evaluating non-ionizing radio frequency (RF) emissions and predicts the Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) potential to humans at or near wireless communication sites. The predicted RF emissions are evaluated against acceptable MPE limits as defined by specific established Standards. The analysis then suggests if the communications site is in compliance with these Standards regarding safe human exposure to radio frequency radiation. The analysis considers all RF signals emanating from wireless communications system antennas defined by the user. These antennas can be located on communication towers, rooftops, poles or other types of antenna mounting structures.

Antennas can be easily activated or de-activated for a particular analysis to predict exposure levels for any particular communications system or individual antenna. WirelessSite-NIR includes the following features:

  • On tower, off tower, Rooftop and other MPE analysis configurations
  • Exposure standards for the USA (FCC, ANSI/IEEE), UK, Australia (ARPANSA), Canada Safety Code 6 and other International Standards (ICNIRP)
  • Occupational/Controlled and General/Uncontrolled RF environment exposure evaluations
  • Near, Far and Near/Far Field prediction models
  • Exposure analysis along a single radial, 360 degree area or while climbing a tower structure at a  communications site
  • View results on screen or create custom reports in Microsoft Word, which provides presentation quality reporting suitable for distribution

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