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Save Time and Money Managing Wireless Communication Sites with WirelessSiteSAM (Site Asset Management)

WirelessSite-SAM is a comprehensive communications site database manager that organizes all of your wireless radio communications site information.  If you're responsible for communication or antenna site management, WirelessSiteSAM is for you! No more having to search through piles of paper, confusing spreadsheets or "sticky notes" for site information. Whether you are responsible for a single wireless communications site or a nationwide network with hundreds of sites, WirelessSite-SAM will save you countless hours of work and frustration.

Wireless Site Asset Management Made Easy

WirelessSite-SAM is a flexible relational database system, the database engine is designed to give you unparalleled access to data, combined with the ease of use of windows. Viewing and editing your data is made easy with intuitive forms. WirelessSite-SAM allows you to store and keep track of all aspects of radio communications sites such as:

  • Asset tracking of all equipment and facilities
  • Antenna tower/structure data
  • Tower space availability
  • Antenna types and locations
  • Transmission lines and connectors
  • Communications shelter data
  • Standby power generator data
  • Fixed equipment data
  • Mobile equipment data
  • Other equipment data
  • RF frequencies
  • RF Filters and other RF devices
  • Wire line/T1/Microwave communications circuits
  • FCC Call signs, licenses and expiration dates
  • Tenants, Contracts, leases, costs
  • Maintenance records and costs
  • Task scheduler and reminder alarms
  • Comprehensive report generator
  • Custom data fields can be added for user specific data

The real power of WirelessSite-SAM is the ability to see the data you want, in the order you want to see it. Create custom reports based upon your own search criteria. What are the names of all of our maintenance providers? How much money is spent with each provider? What is the spare equipment at each site? How much money is invested in spare equipment at all the sites in Florida? After WirelessSite-SAM retrieves the data that answers your question(s), you can view and analyze the data. View the data on screen, then send it to a printer or file.

WirelessSite-SAM will solve all your wireless site management needs.

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