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Be Prepared During the Next Disaster

The Disaster Resource Navigator TM is a software application for the broadcast industry and other emergency response agencies.  When radio and TV broadcasters are operating under FCC emergency operational rules, they can provide a critical role in furthering the safety of life and property during disaster situations -- including tornadoes, hurricanes, ice and snow storms, floods, widespread power failures, etc. -- by quickly informing the public about the post-disaster services that are available.

Rather than having piles of notes to sort through, this software application provides an organized method of keeping track of important information and provides quick navigation of local resources  providing important services such as shelters, food, water, ice, generators and fuel.  With the Disaster Resource Navigator TM , this information is just a mouse click away saving valuable time for the broadcast staff, listeners and viewers.

A Simple and Effective User Interface

Navigator Screen


The Disaster Resource Navigator TM includes the following features and much more:

  • Client interface that is Intuitive for users of all levels of experience
  • Minimal typing -- Resource name, Resource Location and Details.  City, county and state are dropdown selection boxes
  • Automatic data saving -- no more buttons to click, just enter the data on the fly
  • Ability to filter the Resource List -- city, county, state, active or deactivated resource
  • Sort the Resource List -- resource, city, county and state
  • Hot buttons for critical information
  • Automatically time stamps details to know when resources are created and updated
  • Category lists with built in defaults, add new categories as needed
  • Quick selection of city, county and state lists by setting favorites.  The favorites will be the only ones in the selection lists.
  • Includes US state, county and city database* which can be setup for specific defaults and favorites -- minimizing the number of items appearing on the drop-down selection lists.  Two state selections are included with the software license.  Additional states can be purchased optionally.
  • International databases are available for most countries in the world.
  • Activity logging to easily comply with FCC reporting requirements
  • License allows two installations for users to simultaneously broadcast the information and add new resources. Additional licenses are available (Optional pricing)

* United States Postal Service Zip Code referenced.

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