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Many of our software products are custom applications developed for specific clients.  However, we do offer our standard software products shown below.

WirelessSite-RFI is designed to help identify, analyze, locate and resolve radio frequency interference (RFI) at wireless communication sites.
WSNIR WirelessSite-NIR evaluates non-ionizing radio frequency (RF) emissions and predicts the Maximum Permissible Exposure  potential to humans at or near wireless communications sites.
WSSAM WirelessSite-SAM is a comprehensive communications site asset management system that organizes all of your wireless radio communications site information.


.LMR Planner
A complete Land Mobile Radio network planning software tool with time tested functionality and reliability. Designed and developed by individuals with over 26 years of experience in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) design and testing.  The LMR Planner delivers consistently reliable results that depict where desired delivered audio quality (DAQ) will be present as expected when not impacted by undesirable or destructive interference.

DRN Disaster Resource Navigator is an application for the broadcast industry and emergency response agencies. The software provides a critical role in furthering the safety of life and property during disaster situations -- by quickly informing the public about the post disaster services that are available.

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