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A Software Tool For Analyzing Radio Frequency Interference

WirelessSite-RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) is an authoritative, wireless communications site interference analysis tool. It is specifically designed to help identify, analyze, locate and resolve radio frequency interference that could affect the safe and efficient operation of wireless communications systems.

WirelessSite-RFI has been the Industry's leading RF interference analysis tool for over 30 years.

WirelessSite-RFI will calculate isolation values required to prevent receiver performance degradation due to transmitter noise, receiver desensitization, transmitter and receiver produced intermodulation products, harmonics and transmitter spurious output. The program saves many hours of arduous manual calculations and table lookups and eliminates human calculating errors. Additionally, it will automatically calculate insertion and rejection loss values associated with filters and multi-couplers and determine antenna gain values based on actual antenna patterns.

WirelessSite-RFI includes several libraries of manufacturers' data for equipment, transmitter noise and receiver desensitization curves (duplex curves), antenna gain patterns, and filter/multicouplers devices. The user can also create new RF component curves for any filters, radio equipment duplex curves that may be required as well as import additional antenna pattern files into the library.

RF Interference Analysis Methods

  • Transmitter Intermodulation
  • Receiver Intermodulation
  • Transmitter Noise
  • Receiver Desensitization
  • Transmitter Harmonics
  • Transmitter Spurious Output
  • Receiver C/(I+N) Interference Summing

WirelessSite-RFI supports all communication system technologies. This includes; FM Land Mobile, AM Aeronautical, ACSSB, AM, FM and TV Broadcast, Microwave, AMPS, AMPS-CDMA, PCS TDMA, PCS CDMA, W-DCMA, GSM-900, GSM-1900, 800 MHz Trunking, SMR, ESMR, Paging, GPS, Wireless Data, WiMAX LTE, AWS, UMTS and others.

Application Features

  • Saves time...increases productivity...avoids mistakes...and saves money.
  • Frequency range from 50 KHz to 40 GHz
  • Built in antenna pattern library, RF components library including Filters, Combiners, Multicouplers, Duplexers and other RF devices, Equipment library, Frequency Table Library.
  • Individual transmitter and receiver bandwidths to support all wireless equipment types.
  • Determines isolation values required to prevent receiver degradation due to transmitter noise and receiver desensitization.
  • Determines isolation values required to prevent receiver degradation caused by transmitter or receiver produced intermodulation products.
  • Perform calculations based on Carrier-to-Interference ratio or 12 dB SINAD ratio for digital and analog applications.
  • Evaluates first through eleventh order IM products, up to five transmitters at a time.
  • Wideband carrier sub-channel IM analysis to help identify hidden interference within the wideband channel.
  • Provides easy step-by-step methods for configuring site parameters and interference analysis reporting options.
  • Built in Frequency Tables to assist with data entry.
  • Includes a Template library feature which allow users to store and retrieve pre-defined communication systems.
  • Co-location Interference Analysis reports automatically created in Microsoft Word
  • Graphical drawing editor for creating Site and system block diagrams

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