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Disaster Resource Navigator Software Application

The Disaster Resource Navigator is an application for the broadcast industry as well as other emergency response agencies.  When radio and TV broadcasters are operating under FCC emergency operational rules, they can provide a critical role in furthering the safety of life and property during disaster situations -- including tornadoes, hurricanes, ice and snow storms, floods, widespread power failures, etc. -- by quickly informing the public about the post disaster services that are available.  The application name is Disaster Resource Navigator TM.

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Design Based on Real Life Scenario

In April 2011, tornadoes devastated many areas in Alabama with a record breaking 53 in one day throughout the state. Riverview Software Solutions is located in the northeastern section of the state where nine of the 53 caused severe damage.

A local FM station operated under FCC emergency broadcast rules for many days and fielded numerous phone calls from the general public, local businesses and other local service agencies. The FM station became a crucial communications hub that helped citizens find much needed supplies and provided the location of resources throughout the area.

Riverview Software Solution’s design team monitored this activity and discovered that after days of taking notes and relaying information, the station staff had so many notes and occasionally, finding the desired information for callers was starting to take a considerable amount of time. There had to be a better way so the Riverview team set out to develop this software application.





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The Disaster Resource Navigator helps find:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Fuel
  • Generators
  • Shelters
  • Medical assistance
  • Working ATM's
  • Baby Supplies
  • and much more... 

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