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Custom Software and Wireless Communications Consulting Services

Riverview Software Solutions offers its Wireless Site engineering software suite, the communications industry standard for over 33 years.  The software suite incorporates a comprehensive set of applications for radio frequency interference analysis (RFI), non-ionizing RF emission evaluation for safe radiation levels (NIR/MPE), and communications site inventory/asset management.

The rapid increase of wireless technologies such as 5G, RF spectrum overcrowding, and system co-location has made eliminating RF interference more challenging than ever before.  WirelessSite-RFI identifies, analyzes, locates, and resolves RF interference encountered.

WirelessSite-RFI has been the Industry's leading RF interference analysis tool for over 33 years.

Riverview Software Solutions now offers a Land Mobile Radio Network Planning Tool. Click Here for more details.

Riverview Software Solutions also provides custom software solutions and technical engineering software products for the broadcast, emergency services and wireless communications industry.

If you do not have "in-house" technical staff to perform the detailed RFI/NIR engineering analyses, we have over 50 years of accumulated experience in this field, and offer these services, as listed below.

 Other technical and engineering services:

  • Custom software application development providing specific solutions for our clients.
  • Wireless site RF interference analysis, reports and interference resolution recommendations.
  • Wireless site non-ionizing radiation analysis, reports and resolution recommendations.
  • Wireless site management services
  • Wireless site project management services
  • Wireless site design services
  • Wireless site survey and needs assessment services
  • Radio Frequency Interference basic training
  • Technical software application training

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